Matt Rogge
Director of Genetic Development

Matt Rogge is the Director of Genetic Development at Cambium Plant Sciences, where he is focused on developing and implementing the company’s long-term genetic optimization strategy. Mr. Rogge ensures Cambium will be a leader in genetic innovation, providing direction for the sourcing and development of new varieties and working closely with other licensed producers to optimize their cultivation platforms.

In 2015, Mr. Rogge joined 7ACRES, a division of The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc., as Director of Research and Development, and Director of Production. He was integral in the creation of 7ACRES’ proprietary system for scaling craft cannabis production, which enables producers to cultivate high end cannabis at scale. Mr. Rogge has worked closely with innovators in the cannabis seed industry to develop a catalogue of unique cultivars from large population genetic selections, currently being cultivated by 7ACRES and other licensed producers.

Mr. Rogge has an academic background in both forestry and horticulture. He recently received an award from the Karma Cup Cannabis Competition in the Indica – Dried Flower category with his submission of Tahoe OG.