Alan Darlington, PhD
General Manager

Dr. Alan Darlington, is the General Manager of Cambium Plant Sciences, where he is responsible for the long-term sustainable performance of the company. Dr. Darlington has a long history of delivering new plant technologies and extensive research in the field of horticultural science. Dr. Darlington has over 30 years of experience leading and working with diverse multidisciplinary teams and is the inventor of a number of patents in the field of plant sciences.

After gaining his PhD in greenhouse systems, Dr. Darlington went onto to develop and commercialize unique plant systems based on his research at the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility at the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada. His early research was funded by the Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) and by the European and Canadian Space agencies.

In 2018, Dr. Darlington joined 7ACRES, a division of The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc., as a Director of Special Projects to assist in developing new Intellectual Properties for the Cannabis Industry. Dr. Darlington has received a number of awards for academic and entrepreneurial accomplishments in using plants to improve quality of life, such as the Martin Walmsley Fellowship for Technological Entrepreneurship and an NSERC Post-Graduate Fellowship.